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I have a job HUZZAH!

2010-12-24 14:28:24 by Zero14

-------- Work ---------
I was hired at the Costco in Airport Way, OR. I'm actually quite excited to work. $11 an hour isn't too bad either. It's seasonal but if I keep showing them hard work, I may get rehired.

-------- School ---------
It still sucks! But I don't have to focus on that now because I'm on a break. I was kinda of disappointed with my storyboarding class. I didn't feel like I learned anything from it.

-------- Life ---------
Christmas Is coming up and I'm still not finished shoppin. Just before I bought COD Black Ops, I finally had a kill streak of 25 on COD MW2. And for anyone who plays MW2 you know what I got to do. Black Ops was a let down. First they say that you can purchase the weapons, attachments, perks, etc. in whatever order you chose and that you won't unlock weapons based on level. You still have to wait til you are a certain level to purchase certain things. Also it has one of THE WORST networks EVOR! Most of the time it will say I have full bars and on person has a red bar, then I get booted like I had the bad connection or it will lag me out. And that's not good if you have contracts because you only have so much alive time to complete them.


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2010-12-24 20:53:58

Merry Christmas!